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    • Review of All in the mind 

      Baker, Charley (2010)
      Reviews the book, All in the mind by Alastair Campbell (2008). Alastair Campbell, well known for his political career, forays into biographical publication, public speaking and, crucially, his own mental health and alcohol ...
    • Review of The secret scripture 

      Baker, Charley (2010)
      Reviews the book, The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry (2008). The book is a triumphant and demanding book, winner of the 2008 Costa Book of the Year award, this multilayered narrative not only focuses on the need to ...
    • Reviews of Trauma and Spider 

      Baker, Charley (2010)
      Reviews the books, Trauma by Patrick McGrath (2009) & Spider by Patrick McGrath (2002). Spider is narrated by an individual with schizophrenia, released into the community following the reduction in asylum beds, who ...
    • Trauma Spider 

      Baker, Charley (2019)
      This article reviews two books by Patrick McGrath, "Trauma" and "Spider".