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    • Death, disability, and dogma 

      Clegg, Jennifer; Lansdall-Welfare, Richard (2003)
      Mourning exists at the nexus between individual experience, professional discourses, research, and culture, making it a complex issue for health services that has shown vibrant change in recent years. By contrast, bereavement ...
    • From autonomy to relationships: Productive engagement with uncertainty 

      Clegg, Jennifer; Lansdall-Welfare, Richard (2010)
      This paper argues that we are at a point of change in ID services, that new ideas and different frames of reference are required to take services forward in the 21st century. We describe how contemporary thinking in ...
    • Living with contested knowledge and partial authority 

      Clegg, Jennifer; Lansdall-Welfare, Richard (2003)
      Responds to comments by S. Colman (see record 2003-07847-012), G. Casenave (see record 2003-07847-013), and H. Reinders (see record 2003-07847-014) to the authors' original article (see record 2003-07847-011) which considers ...