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    • Autistic traits in treatment-seeking transgender adults 

      Nobili, Anna; Glazebrook, Cris; Bouman, Walter P.; Glidden, Derek; Arcelus, Jon (2018)
      The present study aimed to compare prevalence of autistic traits measured by the self-reported autism spectrum quotient-short (AQ-short) in a transgender clinical population (n = 656) matched by age and sex assigned at ...
    • Quality of life of treatment-seeking transgender adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

      Nobili, Anna; Glazebrook, Cris; Arcelus, Jon (2018)
      The study aims to systematically extract and analyse data about Quality of Life (QoL) in the transgender population. A systematic literature search and meta-analysis were conducted using the MEDLINE, EMBASE, PubMed, and ...