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    • New thoughts on psychopathy and addiction 

      Hodge, John E. (1992)
      In this series we invite mental health researchers to describe briefly important concepts or research findings that have emerged during the last decade. The aim is to keep mental health workers informed of new findings and ...
    • Sex addiction and gambling disorder: Similarities and differences 

      Bouman, Walter P.; Arcelus, Jon (2015)
      Objective: Recently, the DSM-5 has developed a new diagnostic category named "Substance-related and Addictive Disorders". This category includes gambling disorder (GD) as the sole behavioral addiction, but does not include ...
    • Video gaming and gaming addiction in transgender people: An exploratory study 

      Arcelus, Jon; Bouman, Walter P.; Jones, Bethany A.; Richards, Christina (2017)
      Background: There is anecdotal clinical evidence that transgender people use the online world - such as forums and online video gaming - for the purpose of experiencing their gender identity in a safe, non-threatening, ...