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    • A sharper focus 

      Ward, Andrea (2001)
      Focus groups can be an effective method of gaining older people's views on their health care. Last month Andrea Ward and Jan Dewing described how they set up focus groups. This month they describe the results.
    • A sharper focus: Part 1 

      Ward, Andrea (2001)
      In the first of two articles Andrea Ward and Jan Dewing describe how focus groups were used to give older people a greater say in shaping health care.
    • Sociological perspectives of coercion in psychiatry 

      Middleton, Hugh (2016)
      In this chapter, consideration is given to ways in which psychiatric inpatients’ experiences of coercion and the use of coercive measures by staff might be influenced in ways best understood from a social sciences perspective. ...
    • The use of coercive measures within forensic psychiatry 

      Vollm, Birgit A. (2012)
      Introduction: The use of coercive measures within forensic psychiatry has generated much debate across public, professional and academic domains. The use of restraint, seclusion and rapid tranquillisation challenge the key ...
    • Whose right? 

      Masterson, Stephen (2006)
      Background: Mental health practice has become an archetypal arena in which the political philosophical tensions between the rights of the individual and the rights of the community are played out. In the UK, controversy ...