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dc.contributor.authorCormac, Irene
dc.contributor.authorCreasey, Sandra
dc.contributor.authorFerriter, Michael
dc.contributor.authorHuckstep, Bernard
dc.contributor.authorD'Silva, Karen
dc.identifier.citationCormac, I., Creasey, S., McNeill, A., Ferriter, M., Huckstep, B. & D'Silva, K. (2010). Impact of a total smoking ban in a high secure hospital. The Psychiatrist, 34 (10), pp.413-417.
dc.description.abstractAims and method: To assess the impact of a total smoking ban in a high secure psychiatric hospital. Staff and patients were surveyed before and after implementation. Data were collected on untoward incidents, seclusions, nicotine replacement therapy and changes in psychotropic medication. Results: Of the 298 patients in the hospital for the evaluation period, 72.8% were smokers before the ban. There were no significant differences in rates of seclusion before and after the ban and only one significant comparison (P = 0.01) showed an increase in untoward incidents for smokers. There were no significant increases in the use of psychotropic medication after the ban. Clinical implications: With adequate preparation, it is possible to implement a total smoking ban in a high secure psychiatric setting without serious negative consequences. Declaration of interest: None.
dc.subjectHigh security facilities
dc.subjectPsychiatric hospitals
dc.titleImpact of a total smoking ban in a high secure hospital

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