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dc.contributor.authorWood, Christopher
dc.contributor.authorToyn, Samantha
dc.contributor.authorClaypole, Carl
dc.identifier.citationWood, C., Toyn, S. & Claypole, C. (2012). Delivering group-based treatment programmes for clients in high security settings. Mental Health Practice, 16 (3), pp.32-36.
dc.description.abstractThe authors explore the concept of ward nurses delivering therapy in groups, and focus on the anger and violence management programmes delivered at Rampton Hospital. They discuss the skills nurses have that make them adept at facilitating the sessions and what they can learn from other disciplines while working on such interventions. Team support and group supervision have been important to overall individual practice development. Plans to improve the model that involve nurses' input are also discussed. Clients benefit from improved outcomes and nursing staff receive professional and personal development opportunities from being part of the programme.
dc.subjectHigh security facilities
dc.titleDelivering group-based treatment programmes for clients in high security settings

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