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dc.contributor.authorLarkin, Emmet P.
dc.contributor.authorMurtagh, Sylvester
dc.contributor.authorJones, Sue
dc.identifier.citationLarkin, E. P., Murtagh, S. & Jones, S. (1988). A preliminary study of violent incidents in a special hospital (Rampton). The British Journal of Psychiatry, 153 (2), pp.226-231.
dc.description.abstractA six-month prospective study of violent incidents was carried out in a Special Hospital (Rampton). Comparisons were made with results from earlier studies in general psychiatric hospitals. As might be expected, incidents occurred more frequently in the Special Hospital. These incidents were also more serious in nature and resulted in greater injury. Although more patients in the Special Hospital were involved in incidents, only a small number of patients accounted for the majority of these. Female patients, who comprised 25% of the Special Hospital population, were involved in 75% of the incidents. Nursing staff were three times as likely to be assaulted as patients.
dc.subjectPsychiatric hospitals
dc.titleA preliminary study of violent incidents in a special hospital (Rampton)

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