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dc.contributor.authorClegg, Jennifer
dc.identifier.citationClegg, J. A., Standen, P. J. & Cromby, J. J. (1991). Interactions between adults with profound intellectual disability and staff. Australia and New Zealand Journal of Developmental Disabilities, 17 (4), pp.377-389.en
dc.description.abstractStudied interaction between adults with intellectual disability and staff of special health service units. Study 1 varied 5 interactive strategies (e.g., talk, choice, social routine) with 9 Ss (aged 17–34 yrs; developmental age 1–9 mo). Results show that increased positive behavior from Ss was associated with staff talking with them and using social routines. No such increase was observed when staff made their responses contingent on Ss, a finding which was supported by the 2nd study carried out with 16 staff–client pairs (Ss aged 16–38 yrs; developmental age 3–25 mo). In this study no correlations were found between behavior during interaction and developmental age. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)en
dc.subjectInterpersonal relationsen
dc.subjectIntellectual disabilityen
dc.subjectHealth personnelen
dc.titleInteractions between adults with profound intellectual disability and staffen

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