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dc.contributor.authorBouman, Walter P.
dc.identifier.citationKreukels, B. P. C., De Cuypere, G. & Bouman, W. P. (2019). Genderdysforie. In: van Amelsvoort, M., van Mens-Verhulst, J., Olff, M. & Bekker, M. O. (eds.) Handboek psychopathologie bij vrouwen en mannen. Amsterdam: Boom Uitgevers.en
dc.description.abstractENGLISH TRANSLATION:
dc.description.abstractWomen versus men As many women as men suffer from mental disorders, but the nature of their disorders can vary considerably. Nevertheless, our (mental) health care rests on scientific research that is mainly performed in men. Man-woman aspects of psychopathology In the current political climate there is more and more attention for gender and gender, and hence now a handbook on man-woman aspects of psychopathology. Men and women differ in the development, the help-seeking behavior, the clinical presentation and the course of the syndromes that they show in the consulting room. By acquiring more knowledge, prevention, diagnostics and treatments can be better attuned to the needs of women and men. More than 40 experts In the psychopathology manual for women and men, more than forty experts focus on the differences between men and women. Not only in physical, but also in social and psychological terms. In accordance with the DSM-5, they apply a life course approach and provide insight into how social and cultural circumstances, and individual experiences can fluctuate throughout life.
dc.subjectGender dysphoriaen
dc.titleGenderdysforie [Gender dysphoria]en
dc.typeBook chapteren

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