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dc.contributor.authorArcelus, Jon
dc.contributor.authorBouman, Walter P.
dc.identifier.citationArcelus, J. & Bouman, W. P. (2017). Language and terminology. In: Bouman, W. P. & Arcelus, J. (eds.) The transgender handbook: a guide for transgender people, their families and professionals. New York: Nova Science Publishers, pp. 1-12.
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dc.description.abstractThis chapter gives an overview of the terminology in the field of transgender healthcare. The word transgender is often used to describe anyone whose gender identity, expression or behaviour is different from the assigned gender at birth based on the sexual characteristics. The chapter describes a brief historical development of the concept of gender and gender role, and provides a list of terms related to transgender explaining what each term means in order to guide the reader throughout the book.
dc.subjectTransgender persons
dc.titleLanguage and terminology
dc.typeBook chapter

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