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dc.contributor.authorMilligan, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorMountain, Cholena
dc.identifier.citationMilligan, A. & Mountain, C. (2018). Personality disorder. In: Clifton, A., Hemingway, S., Felton, A. & Stacey, G. (eds.) Fundamentals of mental health nursing: An essential guide for nursing and healthcare students. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, pp. 205-224.en
dc.descriptionAvailable in the Library:
dc.subjectPersonality disordersen
dc.subjectParanoid personality disorder
dc.subjectSchizotypal personality disorder
dc.subjectAntisocial personality disorder
dc.subjectBorderline personality disorder
dc.subjectHistrionic personality disorder
dc.subjectObsessive-compulsive disorder
dc.subjectNursing students
dc.titlePersonality disorderen
dc.typeBook chapteren

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