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dc.contributor.authorSampson, Stephanie
dc.contributor.authorFoster, Sheena
dc.contributor.authorMajid, Shazmin
dc.identifier.citationSampson, S., Foster, S., Majid, S. & Vollm, B. A. (2019). Carers of long-stay patients’ perspectives of secure forensic care: An exploratory qualitative study. International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 18 (4), pp. 305-315.en
dc.description.abstractBackground: For patients with a mental disorder facing lengthy stays in secure forensic care, the role and experiences of their carers has only recently started to be explored in research.Aims: To explore the experiences of carers of longstay patients in low-to-high- secure forensic care.Methods: This exploratory qualitative study included two focus groups and two written responses.Findings: Focus groups identified importance of communication, and improving carer knowledge of services as methods of meaningful inclusion in treatment and recovery.Conclusions: Better involvement of carers may help improve trust in services and develop a strong bond between parties involved in longer-term care, treatment, and recovery.en
dc.subjectLong-term careen
dc.subjectHigh security facilitiesen
dc.subjectMedium security facilitiesen
dc.subjectLow security facilitiesen
dc.titleCarers of long-stay patients' perspectives of secure forensic care: An exploratory qualitative studyen

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