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  • Mental health and hepatitis C 

    Alvey, Richard; Holmes, Mark (2017)
    Richard Alvey, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and Mark Holmes, Head of Education, both at Institute of Mental Health, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, discuss addressing the mind–liver relationship in hepatitis services
  • Tears and laughter in the hall: Hearing the human story 

    Holmes, Mark (2017)
    The article discusses the need to bring the voice of service users into nursing presentations in England.
  • Are strategies on alcohol-related liver disease just talk? 

    Holmes, Mark (2016)
    The author reflects on progress on strategies on dealing with alcohol-related liver disease, as of June 2016. He recounts a local Public Health England liver event where he reflected on liver disease. He mentions reports ...
  • Dying for a drink: Alcohol across the lifespan 

    Holmes, Mark (2013)
    We are a nation with an alcohol-induced dichotomy: we have a love affair with alcohol but are increasingly aware of its dangers. The pub has been a cornerstone of our society, providing a source of relationships and artistic ...
  • Technology-enabled care services: Novel method of managing liver disease 

    Holmes, Mark (2014)
    Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) accounts for 37% of the patients who die from liver disease. Moreover, health professionals appear to have a pessimistic attitude toward these patients because ARLD is a self-inflicted ...