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    • Assessing allegations of sexual assault during hypnosis and related procedures 

      Heap, Michael (2006)
      There are a number of reasons why those professionally involved with hypnosis may be asked by people outside the field for their knowledge and advice. One occasion is when the criminal and civil justice systems require ...
    • Breaking and entering: Wounded masculinity and sexual offending 

      Allen, Emma (2019)
      Sexual manifestations of childhood abuse are sometimes re-enacted by sexual offenders, witnessed by the forensic art psychotherapist, (who is often female), and safely contained within the art psychotherapy image, and the ...
    • Liar Laurie: breaking the silence on sexual assault 

      McGarry, Julie (2019)
      This is a book review of "Liar Laurie: breaking the silence on sexual assault" by Laurie Katz, 2019, 163 pp., ISBN 9781912478750
    • Personal construct psychotherapy 

      Jones, Lawrence F. (2017)
      Personal construct theory (PCT) derives its name from its focus on how people construe: behavior, thought and emotional states are seen as mobilized by systems of connected anticipations, based on past experience, as people ...